How to Get a Cougar

With the ever-changing trends in today’s world, everything is changing including relationships and dating. If you have been observing keenly, there has emerged a breed of woman that is referred to as cougars. This can be simply defined as women who are in their 30s, 40s, or even 50s but they usually prefer to date guys who are way below their age. This relationship is formulated in a way that the woman will get a younger partner who is attractive and more fit while the young guy will get an experienced lady not interested in marriage, who is not shy and to top it on some financial incentive.

d2e3 dating a cougarThere are some things that a young man can gain from a cougar, but first, they will be expected to do the right things as from the start. Equally, the Cougars are alive to the fact that no man is perfect and thus will be ready to point out if you are not doing the right thing and guide you on how to go about it. But before you get to this how can you get a cougar in the first place? Here are some tips on how you can go about it.

Know how to spot them

The first step towards getting yourself a cougar is knowing how to recognize them. If you spot a lady or woman who has attained the age of 25 years and above, and she is dressed in a seductive manner, she does not have any wedding ring on their finger, and she has a habit of consistently flirting with young men or boys, then, definitely know she is a cougar. You can make your move by trying to attract them by looking at her and catching her eyes and smiling. Ensure that you are not caught staring for long as you do not want to look creepy before their eyes.

Groom yourself well

If you want to get a cougar, you better not be looking messy. Due to their experience, cougars perfectly know that if a young man appears to be messy or untidy, then definitely they have a messy personality that is quite unreliable. This is a general rule for guys always, ensure that you look clean always before approaching a lady.

Mind your clothing

As we have already seen, these women are very mindful of their body shape and how they dress. They always maintain and usually dress younger than their age. So it is important to know that when you want to have and date one, you should wear something that you look good in and that which will accentuate your best body features well.

Display maturity

Since these are women who are a bit older, they are not impressed by you acting childish. Ensure that you appear as being mature and emotionally stable. Their emotions also control them and thus you should seek to exploit and use this to your advantage.h7g6f67 cougar dating

Take action

You can observe all the above, but they can be in vain if you do not take action. Even though they are likely to be the ones who will first approach you due to their predatory instincts, it will be a plus to you if you have read the signs well and make the first move. By so doing you will have a cougar all for yourself.…