Searching for a girlfriend might be challenging. Identify places that you can meet plenty of girls, for example, in events, clubs, church, or even online. When you find a girl that you think you can connect with, ask her on a date, and who knows, it might be the end of your search.

Get Her Number

couple on dateGetting her number might seem like an obvious thing to do, but most guys have wasted their chances because they did not. You do not have to ask for her number directly.

If you had already started having a one on one conversation, you could take things further by getting her number. It is safe to always get in touch in case you do not find her again in your usual spot.

Give Compliments

Start by telling her the kind of things that attracted you to her might be her cute smile, silky hair, the way she dresses, or her personality. Whenever you get a chance to meet her, always say something nice about her looks.

A lady will smile if you compliment her. It will be an advantage on your side. It will show that you are interested in being more than a friend to her. However, do not overdo the compliments to avoid making her uncomfortable, don’t focus on her body when giving compliments.

Be Noticeable

Improve your dressing in general. Get that cute hair cut you need, wear jewelry. Your shoes and watch will speak a lot about you. How you look will determine the first impression and attract the attention of ladies.

Practice personal care hygiene. Take a bath daily, brush your teeth twice, and use that deodorant or cologne that you like. If you need to change your entire wardrobe, then do it.

couple on road trip

Ask Her on a Date

Come up with a simple date idea that she will like. Consider her likes when choosing a date. You can give her options to choose from, like a coffee date. Asking her on a date will determine your confidence.

Do it like a gentleman and be genuine. If she is adventurous, suggest a fun outdoor activity you can do together. Check her schedule when you set the date and time. Avoid going out of your way on the first date. A simple date is what she needs.…

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