Are you unhappy with your penis size? If yes, note that you are not alone. Based on the research conducted, it was discovered that over 40% of men are unhappy with the size of their penis. Fortunately, one of the best solutions to this problem is the use of penis pumps.

It is vital to understand that penis pumps can offer you a more extensive and harder erection. The use of these products helps increase blood flow to your genitals, making it easy to obtain a hard and more prolonged erection during sex. If you want to use these products, make sure you research and find out how they work. The following are the common types of penis pumps you need to know.

Electric Pumps

penisElectric penis pumps are among the standard penis pumps you will find. It is vital to understand that they remove all the guesswork from vacuum therapy. With these devices, you need to choose your desired setting and place your genitals in the chamber. It is crucial to note that these devices use a pumping action to improve your manhood without lifting a finger.

When you decide to use an electric pump, note that it is more convincing, and this pump helps increase and decrease the negative pressure while you are toggling the control panel settings. Note that you can use electric penis pumps if you have arthritis.

Manual Pumps

penis extenderAs the name suggests, the manual pumps are manually operated, and they are more intuitive and affordable. On the same note, most people are going for them because they are easy to use. Also, most men are using them since they are ideal for dealing with erectile dysfunction. Moreover, if you have other health issues, this is the right penis pump you need to purchase.

Water Pumps

Water penis pumps are also known as hydro pumps. They use water pressure to attain the same effect, similar to air pumps. However, if the water temperature affects you, it will be hard to achieve the optimal erection. Also, you need to understand that these penis pumps are less convenient because you should be near a bathtub or a shower. When choosing an ideal penis pump, make sure you find out how they work and the benefits you expect to get  before deciding.…

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